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Health Insurance

Offering the Best Health Insurance in Texarkana, TX

When you are looking for the best health insurance in Texarkana, TX, trust Abundant Solutions Group to provide you with the coverage you need. Our primary focus is on offering comprehensive health insurance plans to businesses of all sizes so that they can provide ample health care packages for their employees.

A current survey shows that 56 percent of U.S adults with employer-sponsored health benefits are more likely to stay with their company if they value their current insurance plan. Similarly, 46 percent said that the insurance was a deciding factor on whether they took their current position in the first place. These results help to show why it is so important that as a business owner, you offer competitive health benefits to your employees. With the right coverage, you are sure to attract a higher caliber of applicants while also keeping your current employees happy. Contact us to learn more about our health and business insurance offerings and let our team help you choose the right coverage for your organization.

Other employee benefits we offer include:

  • Dental
  • Vision
  • Cancer Treatment
  • Accident
  • Hospitalization
  • Critical Illness
  • Short and Long Term Disability
  • Life 

Personal Coverage Available

In addition to our full suite of employer and group health insurance plans, we also offer a number of life and personal plans for individuals. These plans are tailored to meet the specific needs of individuals while also providing the health coverage you would expect. To learn more about our individual plans, or to discuss your personal insurance needs with our team, reach out to our office.